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  • Men's Mesh swimwear

    Men's Mesh swimwear (9)

    Men's Mesh swimwear, briefs, thong, & G string
  • Men's Briefs & Trunks

    Men's Briefs & Trunks (11)

    Men's regular briefs briefs are similar to the speedo traditional cut. They are practical, conservative and suitable for all water activities. Front line with draw string cord for more adjust-ability. Generous enough in front for decent coverage. Our European cut is a more modern version of the regular briefs, then comes the Brazilian which have less bum coverage. boobah's trunks come in two different cuts , the original cut is a traditional cut with decent thigh coverage and the funky trunks are more skimpy and for the less conservative man. boobah is Australian swimwear company and our men's range is all Australian made
  • Men's muscle tops & singlets

    Men's muscle tops & singlets (6)

    muscle tops, lycra t shits short sleeve and long sleeve great items for gym attire and for casual wear, well made and last a long time, made in australia by boobah swimwear a queensland swimwear company, we manufacture our own products and always looking out to add more to our men's range, show off those muscles or even if you don't have them the body hugging designs and fabrics will make you look like you have a six pack
  • One Piece for Him

    One Piece for Him (14)

    This isn’t the first time in history men have worn a one piece.Before the rise of the bikini, the fashion of the early 20th Century saw both the female and male body almost completely covered, usually through a one piece. The style at the time was called a “maillot”. Hence all our one pieces for ladies and Gent's start their code # with the letter "M" for Maillot!!! We are right on it. Fast forward Aussie thinkers, well ahead of out times and the world!Men of times showed their arms, legs and neck, but it wasn’t until 1907, when Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested for indecent exposure for wearing the same as her male counterparts, that the one piece we know now became accepted swimwear for the ladies.The one piece made its debut during the 1912 summer Olympics, the first of which women competed.One piece for him is fashion forward used by most athletes, we have gone a step further and introduced men's thong one piece and g string one piece for men who are free thinkers, we have man thong/ G string, man micro Brazilian back, man full piece even SHEER MESH & SEE THROUGH!   swimwear for men, made in Australia by a Queensland based swimwear company. Your package will fit comfortably in our lined front men's range. Enjoy in you private pool, public pool if permitted, beaches and overseas destination. Men's one piece is the new fashion forward for men designed by boobah" the creator of the Pammy bikini, Paris Bikini & Convertible Bikini all featured on ACA Channel 9 AU.
  • Men's Thong & G string

    Men's Thong & G string (17)

    Our g string, thong, mesh range is for the free thinking man.  some wear g string mesh on nude beaches to avoid being fined or secluded beaches, honey moons, private pools, or the bedroom, the mesh briefs can be worn on holiday destinations like Bali for they are tan through and the printed mesh disguises private parts whilst tanning through.  boobah thong is popular for men some wear on beach or public pools where allowed or even as underwear. boobah men's range is LGBTI Friendly and great for thong board lovers. Made in Australia. boobah is a Queensland swimwear company based in Brisbane has one store open to public in Kangaroo point QLD
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